HABOR in Brief:

Taiwan Head Office
Zhejiang Branch Office
R&D Department
Production Line

HABOR Taichung Head Office 1981
Branch Office ZHEJIANG China 2008

MAIN PRODUCTS: Design, Manufacturing and Marketing of Industrial Cooling Machines and Industrial Temperature Controls.
ISO 9001 Achieved in 1999.


HABOR cooling equipment mainly focused and solved the problem on sustained machining accuracy that heat generated during high speed machining from all type of mechanical equipments. The tool machine can be improve of longer lasting the working life time with sustained machining accuracy and can be prevent damaging from thermo deformation and over heated control elements. Application: Temperature controls for all type of mechanical equipments and temperature controls for control boxes.


Business Principles:

HABOR insists innovative technology to open up international markets, give customers best possible services for their trust, that will make the company prosper. HABOR carries out non-stop innovation and development. It poses as a successful manufacturer in the machine tool industry and will be a leader in the semi-conductor industry as well for their expertise in the field of temperature control and full commitment of its staff members.