The Best Temperature with More CareHigh-Accuracy temperature industrial cooling system
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Habor strives to innovate technology of cooling solution for industrial machinery, we provide products with high-accuracy control, constant temperature cooling system, best performance and optimal functions to solve the heating problem generated in manufacturing process. We are your excellent partner to create high precision, high speed and high added value in manufacturing field!
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For Industry 4.0 area with smart equipment and smart manufacturing, HABOR strives to innovate technology of intelligent control system, such as use of multi-sensor, energy-saving management, predictive protection and customized control systems, etc. We are your excellent partner to produce smart equipment! And more, we design products with principle of environmental protection and energy saving which is friendly to our environment.

Habor was founded as a maker of cooler units specified for machine tools field. For more than 30 years, we have rich experience of application system and technology for refrigeration and temperature control, we provide total solution of cooling system and unit used for any machine parts like main spindle, cutting liquid, grinding liquid, linear motor, ball screw, hydraulic unit, electrical control cabinet… and so on.

Control system

Precision and speed are the key factors to be the winner.
We provide professional and total solution of “temperature control” for industrial machinery.


For global service, technical support and international sales, we have professional partners and working team in Asia, Europe and America

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